Your Booty Call Keeps Stalking You? 7 Effective Ways That Stop The Crazy Ones In Their Tracks


“You can tell, if she is a crazy stalker”

The worst case scenario that you will get after a one night stand booty call you made is to do it with a crazy person who end up stalking you. This is eerie and crime of passion can easily creep into your mind. Yeah, this is not a nice mental picture to dwell on. But kidding aside, this is a serious matter that needs to be avoided at all cost. Stalkers are crazy people that might go from stalking to assaulting you. That is why you can’t take stalking for granted. You have to take action. Actions have three levels; first is you prevent being stalked; next you make sure you can’t get stalked; and lastly, when you think you are being stalked, don’t get paranoid, be cool headed about it so you can confirm you have a stalker and report it properly. Cases like this made booty call websites handy if you feel like having sex. This way you know whom to report if a member of these sites are bothering you and someone will act if you are uncomfortable about being followed, even if this person is not stalking. But wherever you met your booty call experience, you will need to keep them where they belong. Here are things to do to help you with avoiding or preventing stalker booty call partners.

Stalker proof your booty call experience by being thorough on who you decided to call when you feel like having sex


“She may be stalking you”

Ideal booty calls are with someone who is not in your circle of friends but not just any stranger you met one night and had sex with. It would be best if you could find a partner on one of these one night stand websites, but make sure, not to fall for one night stand dating scams. Choose only the legit one night stand websites for finding an ideal sex partner. This person must be on the same wavelength and is open to have a casual tumble in the hay and nothing more. Identifying such person will save you a lot of headache. This is also the first thing you need to ensure if you plan to participate in an active casual sex.
What this person must NOT be are the following:
1. Your best friend
2. Your close dear friend
3. Your ex
4. A person who is quite possessive. No matter how casual his or her views of sex might be if he or she has possessive tendencies, it is best to avoid such person, no matter how comfortable you are with them.
5. A person with erratic moods or behavior. This person is obviously crazy so avoid at all cost.
6. A nervous, depressed or sad person. These are pathetic people who will thrive on attention and will likely stalk you if you have sex with them even no matter if it was just a one time quick tumble on the bed.
If you made a booty call to a person you met in a bar then don’t bring him or her to your home. Don’t give your real name. Don’t share any information about yourself and get rid of the phone number after you had your sex. Also, make it clear when you made your call that you just want casual sex and not interested in having a romantic relationship with anyone.

Look for booty call partner you know but is not close enough that it hurt to lose them


“Go for someone you know, but not very closely”

Friends with benefits can be great to have. These are people you know and are willing to be on booty call whenever you feel horny or lonely. You can also talk with this person well and express your desire for a casual sex relationship. If they are willing, then you have it good and don’t have to worry so much creating a stalker out of them. This is because you know who they are, where they live and work.
Your greatest fear about this kind of friendship is that you will likely fall in love with them or if you feel like ending it, you end up hurt as well. And because you know them, you might meet again in your common social circle and it can be awkward if you have not ended it well. And quite frankly, friends with benefits rarely end well.

Consider booty call websites

Of course, if you want experience a booty call where all people involved understand and follow the rules of a booty call, you can participate in communities online specializing on booty calls. This can be kept secret and as members in the community are screened, especially on paid booty call websites, you have a higher probability of being safe and avoiding stalkers.

Set the rules and say them clearly

The most important thing about booty calls and casual sex is that you were able to set the ground rules at the onset, right before you did the call. You need to be able to say explicitly say what you want out from the relationship and what not. You will need to have a clear confirmation that the other end understands these ground rules that you have set.

Don’t just accept yes as an answer but look for something you can use like as collateral

So you found someone who is willing to have sex with you whenever you call him or her. But don’t just trust this person’s acknowledgement of having casual sex with you. If you can, find something you can use against him or her in case he or she insist to continue on your sexual relationship even if you don’t want him or her anymore. While the ground rules help to clear the air, it might not be enough to end the arrangement. You have to make this person realize that if he or she won’t agree on ending the arrangement, there will be hell to pay. Be creative. But remember, this situation or strategy is best avoided as this person might retaliate. So include an end clause in setting your ground rules before having sex.

Don’t make yourself vulnerable to booty calls fail

They say that women have it easy on booty calls as they can choose anyone they want to have sex with especially if they are very attractive. However, this can be a double edge sword. The more attractive you are, the more likely you will have a stalker. Who really can say that after a couple of sex, you can be able to end the arrangement the way you want it? Even after you have considered everything, you can’t really be sure you are having sex with a sane person.
What if this person just becomes possessive once you have sex? What if this person knows you too well and blackmailed you to embarrass you in your social circle if you don’t have sex with them again? There are multiple possible booty calls fails you can think about and these can well be avoided if you have thought about the tips mentioned above. You can also further protect yourself from this situation by avoiding the following:
1. Sharing too much information about who you are to a stranger.
2. Getting drunk and worst falling into sleep on a booty call. This is the time where this person can take pictures or video of your naked self. You might find yourself being tagged on Facebook with an image of you in your birthday suit. Your pictures can also be used to blackmail you to have sex with this person again.
3. Be respectful when it is time to end it. One thing that will create a monster out from a booty call is if you are rude and insulting. You want to keep it short and sweet so be sure you are providing both of you a graceful exit.

Don’t make a booty call unless you can handle it


“You don’t want to end up with a crazy clingy booty call”

If you want to be sexually active, you need to be sure you can handle it emotionally. You have to be responsible and strong enough to say what you want clearly. Any half hearted explanation on what you want might be misinterpreted and you end up having an affair with someone you really don’t want. Or worse, if you don’t know how to handle a clingy person well, you might as well end with a stalker in tow.

So yeah, you have to understand how booty calls work and you need to be strong in your resolve to keep everything casual and according to the rules you have set for it. And again, if you don’t want to explain how it works, you can participate on booty call websites or communities for it online. There, you don’t have to over explain yourself as the ground rules are already set. However, the sites won’t ensure your safety; so tread carefully. Choose your booty call partner well before having sex with them and don’t get too close or attach that you begin to trust them and share all information about yourself that can be used against you. In the end, it is you who made your booty call pal a stalker. So be clear, set the rules and plan your exit well.

Groupon: Horror Stories Of Merchants Using It

Groupon has been in the coupon industry for three years now. Because of its aggressive marketing, it has become a leader among coupon companies. However, there have many complaints about Groupon not only among customers but also among businesses. It sells coupons for many businesses in many countries. Despite the sudden craze bought by Groupon, customers and businesses should be wary in investing large amounts on Groupon coupons because there were many reports of customers losing money. We will look at some of the stories which are the reasons why we should be extra careful in using Groupon.

  • Businesses lose control – since Groupon markets different businesses, they can place any description just so potential customers would be attracted to the offer. One customer complained that what we read in the Groupon’s website was one thing but by the time he went to the establishment to use the coupon; he was surprised that he did not get the service that he was expecting. It was found out later on that Groupon exaggerated the service which the establishment has been offering. They have no control on what Groupon will say.

  • Businesses don’t get the customers that they want – Groupon users go to the establishment on their first try not because they love the establishment, not because they are curious with their products but because they want to get discounts. Restaurants and other establishments want customers that go there not for the discounts but because they really love the establishment. They want loyal customers. A food establishment was surprised one day when they were greeted by a group of friends who wanted to try their new menu. They were happy of course but when paying time came, they used Groupon coupons. The next day, the group of friends no longer returned. They were right they were not real and loyal customers.

    A stakeholder is a person (or group of people) who has a direct interest in the activities of a business.

    A stakeholder is a person (or group of people) who has a direct interest in the activities of a business.

  • You will lose identity and your brand name will fade away – a lot of businesses spend money just to make their brand known, so they’ll have an identity to their customers. In other words, the brand name can be as important as the company itself. However, when you use Groupon, you lose identity. Instead of customers knowing your brand, they will just know Groupon. Your business will just be one of the many businesses in the same field. If you have a coffee shop, you’ll just become one of the coffee shops. In the long run, you will lose your identity.

Professional is very difficult and impossible thing

Professional is very difficult and impossible thing

There are still many disadvantages of using Groupon. While businesses may benefit from the initial surge of customers, in the long run, this is not a good investment in the long run. Customers may also benefit by getting discounts but what they expect may not be exactly what they will get when they try to avail of discounts. Groupon tend to exaggerate what the customer actually offers. Groupon is good but customers and business establishments should be aware and informed about the problems that have encountered in previous transactions.

3 Methods To Improve Your Sexual Life

This may be surprising for you, but your sex life can be boring. Most people make mistakes by thinking that there is no way that their sex life will be dull and boring, but when you don’t add a little spice into your activities, you can have the possibility of running such dreadful and boring sexual life. Just like other aspects in your life, your sexual life need to be rekindled and changed. You don’t necessarily have to change everything drastically or be the person that you aren’t, but changing routine can provide a new challenging setting that will keep that fire keep going on. You certainly don’t want to be trapped within dull sexual activities, do you? So, here are several ideas that can help you spicing up your sexual activities more.

You certainly need to change your routine. As you get older and your family life is getting more hectic and busier, you probably have your sexual activities scheduled so both you and your partner can still engage in sexual activities. At first, this schedule idea may work just well for you, but as goes by, it can really go dull. If you want some spices, change your routine. If you usually have sex on Wednesdays, try to surprise him or her by flirting on Sunday or Monday. Such differentiation on the schedule can be a bit surprising, but it can be fun too. Not only changing the date, you need to change the setting as well. Ditch the bedroom and explore the entire house. You can try it on the bathroom, on the floor, on the kitchen, and even inside the garage – but be sure that your kids aren’t around. If you want to be a bit naughty, you can also try the back yard – provided that you have high fence and your back yard is safe from your neighbors’ watchful eyes. Try one and you can get the different experience and sensation.

Believe it or not, but some type of food can make your sex life more better than now

Believe it or not, but some type of food can make your sex life more better than now

Besides changing the routine,consider about rekindle your romance as well. Your sexual life should be the reflection of your love and respect toward your partner and spouse, so when your romance life is dried out, what can you expect about your sex life? If you want your flame to still burning on actively, do the things that you like together. Consider this as the second date or the second phase in your life where you meet your partner for the first time. Have a ‘me-time’ and spend it with your spouse. Go to the movies together, have dinner, or simply have grocery shopping together. Do the activities you like, such as going hiking together, fishing, and even exercising together can help.

Consider making your own ‘dirty’ movie. Why not making your own private video collection? Making your video can really tighten your bonds together as well as adding spice to your personal life. This thing may seem simple or very dirty, but it can be very effective to spice up your sexual life. Try making one and see the outcome yourself.

Foods to Improve Your Sex Drive

Foods to Improve Your Sex Drive

There are still other methods and ways that you can try, but if you want to focus on improving your sexual life, try these 3 methods first and see how it works for you. Don’t underestimate the importance of working things out with your partners, so your flame may eternally die.

Get Help Quitting Smoking By Following These 3 Tips

Whether you are a regular pack-a-day smoker or a teenager, proven facts will tell you that smoking is expensive, not healthy and addictive. For those three reasons and others, people try to quit smoking all the time. Kicking the habit can be hard, especially if nicotine has “grown on you”. To make things easier on you, try utilizing the following tips that have helped millions across the globe quit their addiction.

Find a Good Reason to Quit

If a cigarette being unhealthy was enough of a reason to stop you from smoking, you wouldn’t have started in the first place. Find another reason, one you really, REALLY care about, to help you stop yourself from smoking again. One good option is to find something expensive that you would like to buy, and bind yourself to only buy it using cigarette money. Calculate your current cigarette money per week, and gradually reduce the amount you smoke, setting the residual aside for your goal. Another reason that works for a great many is thinking of their loved ones at their early funeral, caused by lung failure or cancer – remember that when you want to light another one. It’s extreme, but it works.

Quit smoking now with these frugal tips

Quit smoking now with these frugal tips

Utilize the S.T.A.R.T. Method

Start is short for:

- Set a quit date,

- Tell the people around you that you intend to quit and have them support you,

- Anticipate the withdrawal challenges in front of you and prepare for them,

- Remove all nicotine products from your home, car and work place,

- Talk to your doctor about precautions and a good quitting plan.

Following these few simple steps, quitting should be tremendously easier than if you tackle the whole thing with nothing but your sheer will – chances are that your withdrawal symptoms will break it. Anticipating your challenges will help you face them better prepared and overcome them easier, and having the support and nagging of those around you will help you in times of weakness. The absence of nicotine products will also help you if you want to cheat – you can’t smoke if there is nothing to smoke.

For The Time Being, Avoid Other Smokers As Much As You Can

Whether you are an occasional when-I-drink-I-smoke type or someone who lights a cigarette after a meal or on break with friends, this advice will make things somewhat easier. Seeing other people smoking around you will make you crave your dose at least twice as more, and you nullify the R from the previous tip if you hang around people with cigarettes. Try asking them not to smoke when you’re around, or excuse yourself if it can’t be helped and leave while you can – they should understand. For you “drinking smokers“, try either non-alcoholic drinks or drinking where smoking is forbidden, replacing the cigarette with gum, a straw or cocktail stick. While this make you look cheaper for a while it’s still better than ruining your health to look cooler. Remember, a relapse happens with temptation, so keep the latter at minimum.

Tips to Quit Smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking

While following the tips above will greatly increase your chances of quitting, they are by far not all you can do. There are now millions of guides online that should give you more insight on what to do when trying to quit. Don’t give up on trying, and if all else fails, try chaining yourself to a gas station post. Jokes aside, we sincerely hope you succeed in your efforts. May fate be with you.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Foreclosed Homes

Real estate is quickly gaining popularity. Everyone really wants to own a home or even a number of homes. Well, it all depends on your financial muscle. There are those with the ability to own homes all over the world without having to struggle. For others, a mortgage comes in handy. A mortgage simply refers to some form of a loan that individuals take to finance the acquisition of a home. This mortgage comes with a number of terms and conditions. One of these terms and conditions is repaying the loan within a certain period. Failure to this result to what is known as foreclosure.

Foreclosure simply refers to that process of reclaiming the title to a particular property or home after an individual has defaulted in payments. Recession and considerable fall in real estate values has made foreclosure quite popular. These homes are not for sale until the whole foreclosure process is absolute. After this, a bank goes ahead and lists the particular home in a local MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Foreclosed homes may be for sale or not. Agents put across a number of offers for the home and interested buyers have an opportunity to purchase these homes. A number of advantages and disadvantages exist in buying these homes. Let us look at the pros and cons of buying a foreclosed home.

Pros #1: Urgency

There is a sense of urgency when purchasing a foreclosed home. This is because the property seller wants to dispose off the property as soon as possible. Individuals can have the property inspected at pre-foreclosure stage. At this stage, one can also research the title to ensure that the title is clear of any lien.

Pros #2: Great bargain power

The best attribute about foreclosed homes is the fact that one can make the purchase at very steep discounts. Since the number of foreclosed homes in on the rise, individuals have the opportunity to bargain and negotiate the best deal possible. There is potential for great bargains.

Your Business Plan Could Be Built Around a Real Estate Niche Strategy

Your Business Plan Could Be Built Around a Real Estate Niche Strategy

Pros #3: Cost savings

Purchasing foreclosed is usually cheaper in comparison to other homes. One spends less money and might reap the benefits of buying such a home in future. One can buy a foreclosed home at a low price then sell the same home a few days or months later.

Cons #1: Extra of additional paperwork

These homes come with additional paperwork. However, this depends with the particular stage one purchases the house at. Understanding the entire foreclosure process is paramount.

Cons #2: Short payment period

One of the major disadvantages of purchasing a foreclosed home is the fact that individuals are required to finance the property within a very short period. This means that one has little time to put funds together. This is quite a drawback.

 Tips for buying a foreclosed home

Tips for buying a foreclosed home

Cons #3: Home condition

Some foreclosed homes are often in poor conditions. This in turn calls for additional monies to repair any damages or conditions. It calls for extra financing on the part of the buyer.

Both advantages and drawbacks exist in buying a foreclosed home. It is important to research extensively prior to buying this type of home. Having extra monies also comes in handy.

Choosing the Right Credit Card for Your Business: 3 Simple Tips

The process of selecting the right business credit card goes beyond the obvious criteria of rewards programs and similar benefits. For one, there are card providers that do not report to the major credit bureaus which will not help if you intend to build a good credit reputation for your business.

Following are 3 tips that will help ensure that you make the right choice.

Know the Difference between Charge and Credit

Although mistakenly used interchangeably, charge and credit cards are actually not the same. Here is the main difference. While a credit card allows you to maintain a balance over time, you are required to settle the full amount of your charge card balance as reflected in the monthly statement.

Simply put, if your reason for applying for a business credit card is to help finance your operations, you have to make sure that you do not sign up for a charge card instead. Read product reviews and study the marketing materials carefully to be sure. AE Business Cards (Green/Gold/Platinum) and Chase, Inc. Bold are examples of charge cards, so you may want to avoid those if financing is what you want, although these cards may offer some good benefits.

Choose a Business Credit Card That Will Help Build Your Business Credit

You may be surprised to hear that there are major credit cards for small businesses that don’t report to credit bureaus like Experian and Dunn & Bradstreet. While it may be true that small businesses will enjoy some great perks that come with these small business credit cards, you will miss out on one important benefit – that is to establish a credit history for your business.

So, if one of your goals is to build a good credit history for your company, then you will be better off with a credit card that will help you achieve this purpose.

Finding the Right Online Credit Card Processing Company

Finding the Right Online Credit Card Processing Company

Compute the Cash Value of the Benefits and Rewards You Expect to Get

In general, business credit cards offer better rewards compared to personal credit cards. This is mainly because of the additional processing cost for merchants, and card providers sometimes use this to provide more perks to return the favor. To find the best rewards program to serve your particular needs, simply compute for your spending and expected card benefits in a particular rewards category.

If a credit card offers 5% cash back on your spending at office supplies stores, you may immediately think that this is a good deal. It is, but not if you are in a service-oriented business like providing plumbing or snowplowing services as you may not have a big budget for office supplies compared to fuel. Given that, you may benefit more from a card that offers gas or fuel purchase rebates. Likewise, you may find mileage programs extremely beneficial if you travel a lot.

Personal credit cards

Personal credit cards

In the final analysis, the choice boils down to which card can offer your business the specific rewards and benefits that you actually need and can use. As every business is different, a credit card that suits one company may not necessarily be of great help to your business.